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Do it yourself

DIY printed canvas bag

Many times when I have a DIY-project in mind, I buy all the needed supplies and they stay laying in my closet for a couple of weeks. So did the blank canvas bag. I bought different shades of fabric paint and (luckily) did some test paintings on an old canvas bag. I didn’t quite know what to paint on the bag, until I decided to simplify my thinking. Once I knew I wanted to paint a triangle, I went to the craft store and saw the yellow neon fabric paint. A match made in heaven!

What you need:

– A blank canvas bag
– Fabric paint
– Paint brush
– Cardboard (to make a stencil and protect the inside of the bag)
– Tape

What you do:

Cut a triangle out of a piece of cardboard. Place it onto the canvas bag and tape so it can’t move. Also put some cardboard into the bag so the paint doesn’t stain on the inside of the bag. Paint the triangle in any desired color and let it dry a little before you move the cardboard.



Do it yourself

DIY Tote / Shopper Bag

Yay! My first sewing project is done. I only took two sewing lessons, so my bag wasn’t finished at all at the end of the second lesson. I decided to give it a shot and try to finish it on my own, without instructions. It was hard trying to figure out how the pieces should fit together but in the end I managed to do it right.

Here’s what you need:

– Fabric (firm)
– Bias binding for the edges
– Pattern paper
– A sewing machine, thread, pins, scissor etc.
Р Acrylic paint
– Sponge
– Tape
Р Brush

Do it yourself:

Find a totebag / shopperbag pattern like here, here or here. (I don’t have mine anymore – sorry). Follow the instructions that go with the pattern. This is obviously the hardest and most difficult part, but you won’t benefit from my instructions because you would need the pattern to go with it. When your bag is done, create two lines using the tape and paint inbetween. Cut your sponge into a triangle (or whatever shape you like), dip into the paint and stamp onto the fabric. Done!