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Webshop Wednesday – Urbans and Indians

Urbans and Indians has every single ingredient that I like to see in a webshop. It has an awesome name, it’s based on a particular activity, it sells stylish items and -most of all- has a sence of humor. This webshop is based on ‘Glamping’ (glamourous camping). I love to go camping, but I’m definitely the girl who misses her hair straightener and who loves the nature but hates the bugs. ‘Glamping’  might be what I need for my camping trip to France this summer. Urbans and Indians’ collection ranges from practical (but pretty) items like tents and oil-lamps to beautiful bags and pillows. So if you’re on a camping mission this summer, put on your glamourous heels and don’t forget to stop by Urbans and Indians.

Pillow: € 27,50
Oil-lamp: € 99,95
Emaille jug: € 24,95
Thomas Paul plates: € 48,25
Toolbag: € 79,00
Fire Up fire: € 35,00