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20 Minute Emergency Cookies

I don’t have one sweet tooth, I’ve got a mouth full of sweeth teeth. Yes, I love myself some cookies, chocolate, icecream and pie. Last night I was craving something sweet but the supermarket was already closed. I decided to bake cookies with some supplies I had left in the kitchen cabin and fridge. I baked cookies in 20 minutes and they were yummy! So here is my ’20 Minute Emergency Cookies’ recipe:

What you need:

150 gr. flower
75 gr. sugar or honey
125 gr. butter (I just used my everyday sandwich butter)
a little bit of salt or cookie/’speculaas’ spices

To do:
Pre-heat the oven at 175°C. Put the flower and sugar (or honey) into a bowl. Cut the butter in little pieces and add to the mix. Blend it all together with your hands (make sure your hands are cold, otherwise the mixture will stick to them). Add the salt or spices. Shape the mixture into a ball and roll it out. Use a glass or cookie-cutter to create the cookies. Put them on baking paper and into the oven. Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden.