Lavender scented sachet DIY

This is my second sewing project. I was doubting if I wanted to put this project on the blog because I’m not that proud of my deformed sachets. Then I realised I promised to take you on my sewing journey, and no one would expect me to sew straight lines at my second attempt. Right? (Please say yes). My machine was threaded totally wrong, I forgot to put the sewing-foot down in the beginning and the heart-shape was a little out of my league, but my house smells yummy. Even though it was a struggle with no-one to help me out and no sewing experience at all, I managed to do it and I even liked it. On to the next sewing project *looks up throwing one arm in the air*! Ahoy!

What you need:

– Lavender
– A sewing machine or mad needlework skills
– Thread
– Scissors
– (left over) fabric
– Chalk (to draw the pattern)

Images and DIY courtesy of Esther Coenen for Refreshbug

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