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Do it yourself

DIY Statement Necklace

Today I’m the guestblogger at Sophie Sweet Vintage! I’ve come up with a DIY Statement Necklace with some left over fake-leather. Check out the full DIY at her blog. (in Dutch!)



Do it yourself

DIY Map Pillowcase

Yay! A new and BIG do it yourself project! Well, big for me anyway. It’s my second real sewing project and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I got this awesome Amsterdam-map fabric here. Have fun!

What you need (for one pillow of 40x40cm):
– Fabric
– Thread
– Measuringtape, ruler, pencil, scissors
– Sewing pins
– Sewing machine, Iron

Step 1: Cutting the fabric
Cut the front of the pillow case. You will need a fabric piece of 42x42cm. For the back, cut two pieces of fabric of 42x30cm.

Step 2: Create the back pieces
Take the two smallest pieces of fabric. For each piece, finish one long side with a zigzag stitch.

Step 3: Mark the hem on the back pieces
We are going to hem the two long sides. Mark 4cm to the right of the zigzag stitch.

Step 4: Fold and iron
Fold and iron the zigzag-stitched sides 2cm inside. Put the zigzag onto the marks.

Step 5: Sewing the back-pieces
Sew the hem right near the zigzag stitch.

Step 6: Putting the pillowcase together
Lay the pieces of fabric like this: lay the front of the pillowcase, print side up. Lay one of the back-pieces, print side down, on top of the front piece with the hem on the right. Lay the other back-piece on top of the front piece, with the hem on the left. Use pins to fasten.

Step 7: Sewing the pillowcase
Sew the pillow case all around at about 1cm from the side. Zigzag all the ends. Turn around: there’s your pillowcase!

All images and DIY courtesy of Esther Coenen for Refreshbug

Do it yourself

Glitter iPhone case DIY

I’ve seen a lot of iPhone case DIY’s lately: mostly the one where you put a picture or wrapping paper underneath a clear cover. An awesome idea, but I figured I wanted to do something different. Glitter isn’t something I would usually go for, but I don’t mind my phone being an eyecatcher. I bought two clear cases on ebay and got some glitter-glue at the craft shop. I applied several layers of the glue to achieve an opaque effect. You might wonder what I did with the second clear cover? Well, I also bought a white, wateresistent marker and drew a design on the clear case. Unfortunately, the white marker was horrible to work with and it ended up looking a little too messy. So here’s the part of the DIY that díd work!