7 things I loved this week – food!

1. I love it when I’m able to ride my bike to work. Unfortunately it has been raining a lot this week so I had to take the bus/tram.
2. My boyfriend bought me Ben & jerry’s Karamel Sutra. Yummy!
3. I loved this etnic printed hoodie at the thrift store. It was a couple of sizes too big though.
4. We acted like tourists in our own city on sunday. It was a beautiful, sunny day.
5. This is what I saw when I walked into the kitchen where my bf was cooking. I walked right out again. In the end I loved it because he made a delicious fish-stock risotto!
6. I eat yoghurt (almost) every morning. I love it with cruesli or fruit. Yum!
7. Lately we’ve been loving these home-made vegetarian seitan rolls.

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